Maintenance & Repair Services​​

Full Maintenance Service Includes:

​Preventative Maintenance Performed
(Monthly or Quarterly)
Regular Business Hours Service Calls Included
(Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm)
Parts Included​​


  • Routine and proper maintenance is needed to keep your equipment running safely and reliably. Appropriate maintenance will reduce unexpected shutdowns that cause inconvenience and delays in your building traffic flow.

  • Trinity Elevator Services, Inc. provides elevator maintenance services by state certified highly skilled union technicians for both hydraulic and traction elevators. We are available 24/7 for prompt emergency response times to get your equipment operational with the least inconvience to our customers.

  • If any equipment failures are seen during our routine maintenance visits, our experienced staff will quicky replace or repair anything covered under contract, or will notifiy you of the need for repair. Our office will quickly provide a quote to remedy any issues not covered under contract to prevent long shutdown timeframes.

  • We offer our standard monthly or quarterly maintenance interval contracts, however we can customize our standard maintenance program to meet your specific needs.

Repair Services​ ​​
​          Traction Elevators

Annual & 5 Year Inspections
Inspection Violation Repairs

ADA Compliant Phones
Car Top Fans
​Emergency Lighting
A/C Motor Repair or Replacement
D/C Motor Repair or Replacement 
D/C Motor/Generator Nitro Washing

Governor/Hoist Rope Replacement
Brake Shoes 
Hoist Machine Repairs
Sheave Replacement 
Governor Repair & Calibration
Governor Replacement 
Elevator Decomissioning/Removal

​          ​Hydraulic Elevators

Annual Inspections
Inspection Violation Repairs
System Pressure Tests
Jack Replacements
Jack Seal Replacement
ADA Compliant Phones
Car Top Fans
Emergency Lighting
Pumping Unit Repair or Replacement
Control Valve Repair or Replacement

Oil Line Repair or Replacement
A/C Motor Repair or Replacement

Elevator Decomissioning/Removal